Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits: That Teach Serious Stuff

Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits: That Teach Serious Stuff

Author: Michael Theisen

Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits engages and involves young people in an active form of learning that is hard to beat. It achieves MLP (maximum learning potential) through FLP (full laugh potential), and the skits are so off-the-wall that you will have no problem involving just about everybody in your group one way or another (actually, most will have no choice in the matter!).

Each of the 10 sessions in this book uses an intentional three-act process to help the young people explore the Scriptures and apply them to their lives today:

Act 1: Engage—grabs the young people's attention by getting them to perform an outrageous and spontaneous Scripture skit.

Act 2: Examine—leads them to a deeper insight by explaining the historical context and meaning of the key elements in the Scripture skit.

Act 3: Explore—brings it all home by helping them apply the meaning of the Scripture story to their lives today.


104 Pages

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