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St George & Dragon Icon

St George & Dragon Icon

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Renowned for his defense of all in need, Saint George is called "the Quick to Hear" in the Middle East by both Christians and non-Christians. An archetype of the victory of good over evil, this classic icon shows the saint rescuing a princess from a ferocious dragon.

Saint George was born of Christian parents in the third century, and as a youth chose a soldier's life. The emperor Diocletian advanced him to the grade of tribune. When the emperor began to persecute the Christians, Saint George rebuked him and gave up his commission. Because of this he was tortured and finally beheaded.

Saint of: leprosy, skin diseases, syphilis, agricultural workers, Boy Scouts, equestrians, field workers, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Lithuiania, Palestine, Portugual .

Available in 8"x10" 


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