St. Isidore the Farmer Icon

St. Isidore the Farmer Icon

The beloved patron of farmers, Saint Isidore lived a life of simple piety and uncompromising devotion, always chosing service to God above all other distractions and obligations of life. In support of his ardent faith, angels were seen tilling his fields for him while he attended the Holy Mass, as is depicted in the globe held by the holy farmer in this new icon. St. Isidore was born in the year 1070 to very poor yet very pious Catholic parents in Madrid, Spain. His parents were unable to support him when he was a youth and sent him to work for a wealthy landowner, whom he worked for the rest of his life).

He married a pious woman named Maria Torribia. They had one son who died unexpectedly as a child. Their grief inclined them to believe their son's death to be a sign from God and consequently vowed to live a life of perfect continence.

t. Isidore frequented Holy Mass every morning but often reported to work late. Late, though he was, his plowing was nevertheless accomplished by angels that resulted in three times more productivity. His coworkers and his boss witnessed such miraculous events and accorded St. Isidore with great respect.

St. Isidore loved the poor and loved the animals. The miracle of the multiplication of food occurred when he fed a flock of starving birds and another time when he shared his food with a large group of beggars.

St. Isidore died on May 15, 1120 at 60 years of age and was canonized in 1622 along with four very notable Spanish saints. The group, known as ""the five saints" included St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Francis Xavier, St. Philip Neri, and St. Isidore. His body has been found incorrupt. His memorial is celebrated on May 15th.

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