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St. Nicholas Icon

St. Nicholas Icon

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One of the best-loved saints of both the Eastern and Western Churches, Saint Nicholas has miraculously answered Christians' prayers for centuries.

Born toward the end of the third century, Saint Nicholas was elected the Archbishop of Myra upon the death of his uncle, the archbishop. In his youth he once heard that a person who had fallen into poverty intended to abandon his three daughters to a life of sin. Determined to save their innocence, he went out at night and threw bags of gold into the window of the sleeping father and hurried off.

The Saint is commonly represented by the side of a vessel or barrel, wherein a certain man had concealed the bodies of three children whom he had killed, but who were restored to life by the saint. He was present at the Council of Nicaea.

Saint of: imprisonment, robberies, brides, captives, children, judges, merchants, sailors, Greece, Russia .

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