Sunday Morning / In God's Name - DVD

Sunday Morning / In God's Name - DVD

"Sunday Morning" is adapted from the book of the same name by Gail Ramshaw with art by Judy Jarret. The delightful artwork combined with a host of children's voices and original music provides an entertaining learning experience for children.  Children grow into ways we pray and worship and how we read our Scripture. This program will help parents and teachers promote this growth. Recommended for ages 4-10. 19 minutes.

The beautiful, multi-cultural illustrations of Phoebe Stone come to life in this new computer animated video version of the best-selling children's book "In God's Name" by award-winning author, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso.  All the people of the world set out to find God's name, and each of the many seekers is sure that he or she alone has found the right name, the only name for God. Finally, they come together and learn what God's name really is.  Original music and children's voices enhance this wonderful new video for young children. Includes study guide. 18 minutes.

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