T3 Timeline Study Kit

The Teen Timeline —or T3— is the teen version of the revolutionary Great Adventure Bible Timeline learning system that hundreds of thousands of Catholic adults have used to learn the Bible. Dynamic teen presenter Mark Hart makes the Bible come alive for Catholic teens by unpacking God’s Word in a way they can relate to. T3 teaches teens the Bible by showing them the “big picture” of salvation history. When young students of the Bible first understand the “story,” they are eager to learn more. The net result: teens begin to wrap their minds and hearts around the Scriptures. They come to see the Bible as a relevant part of their lives.

The Study Kit is essential for each student in T3: The Teen Timeline Bible study. It contains everything teens need as they begin to discover the “big picture” of salvation history. Its eight lessons provide an overview of the biblical story in a way that teens can relate to and understand. Each lesson should accompany the corresponding presentation from the DVD or CD series, which contains expert commentary presented by Mark Hart. The pack includes The Teen Timeline Student Workbook, The Teen Timeline Chart, and Bookmark.

The Study Kit includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Chart
  • Bookmark


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