Tell Me About Series

The new Tell Me About series is a great place to start. These 6-inch-square paperbacks are very kid friendly: they use contemporary language aimed at young readers and are filled with colourful, expressive illustrations.

There are six books in the series:

  • Tell Me About God is a tender reflection on the mystery of God and who God is for us.  36 Pages  (Available in French See Dieu, C'est qui?)
  • Tell Me About Jesus recounts the life of Jesus from the Annunciation to Pentecost.  24 Pages     (Available in French See Raconte-Moi Jesus)
  • Tell Me About Prayer leads young children into the experience of prayer through themes such as the seasons, love and giving thanks.  24 Pages
  • Tell Me About the Bible features key stories and figures from the Old Testament.  24 Pages ( Available in French See Ma Premiere Bible)
  • Tell Me About Christmas tells the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago.  24 Pages   (Available in French  See La belle histoire de Noël )
  • Tell Me About Easter is the powerful story of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, ending with an emphasis on hope and new life.  24 Pages (Available in French  See Raconte-moi Pâques)

In reading and rereading these books together, you and the child in your life can delve into the heart of God, get to know Jesus, pray, explore our faith story and learn about the feasts of Christmas and Easter. From there, you can add your own stories and continue the sharing. Over time, “Tell me about…” can be an opening to all sorts of fascinating and fun discussions about our faith!

*Books sold as a Complete Set or Individually

Format:  Paperback
Size of Each Book  6.25 x 6.25"

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