Things Seen and Unseen: A Catholic Theologian's Notebook

Things Seen and Unseen: A Catholic Theologian's Notebook

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Author: Lawrence S. Cunningham

From Lawrence Cunningham, Christianity editor of the forthcoming Norton Anthology of World Religions, comes this captivating collection of personal notes, memories, spiritual theology, and daily epiphanies from the life of a beloved Catholic theologian and longtime editor of Commonweal’s “Booknotes” column.

For most of his professional life, University of Notre Dame professor Lawrence Cunningham has kept notebooks filled with memories, ideas, and reflections on the events that captured his attention in a given day. Things Seen and Unseen: A Catholic Theologian's Notebook gathers together a selection of these notes, revealing a unique window into the mind and heart of an exceptional theologian. Cunningham’s notes provide insightful, spirited, and wickedly funny commentary on the messy, comic, tragic, and ultimately beautiful realities of the diverse landscape of contemporary Catholicism.

Scholarly, popular, and personal in equal amounts, Things Seen and Unseen considers the legacy of such spiritual figures as Simone Weil, the interplay between religion and pop culture at Christmastime and Easter, and the always-difficult balance between family and work. Cunningham also addresses difficult issues like the quality of Church leadership, the commercialization of spirituality, and the sad contrast between the ideal of Christian charity and the pettiness that can pervade everyday church life. In all things, Cunningham inspires readers with his deep love for and steadfast devotion to the Church.


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