Trinity Print

Trinity Print

The Trinity is central to Christian revelation in which God the Father gives the Son to the world as a love offering, confirmed and kept alive in the spirit of their mutual love and unity.

In this image, the great Father -- Waken Tanka -- appears with a full headdress of falcon feathers in a halo of light. His open hands deliver the Son, a victorious Sioux warrior whose raised arms and open hands reflect a similar gesture of self-giving. He wears a richly decorated buckskin in war shirt -- heavily fringed, beaded and painted with the four color circle of the universe as its breast plate.

The falcon completes the spiral of trinitarian love and unity.

Traditional iconography gives witness to the human face of the Sacred. This Icon, imaged in the features of America’s indigenous peoples, reveals anew that sacred power. It celebrates the soul of the Native American as the original spiritual presence on this continent, and as a prophetic sign, it celebrates the reconciliation of the spiritual vision of native and Christian peoples of this land.

Poster Size:  11 1/2" X 34"

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