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Where Jesus Prayed: Illuminating the Lord's Prayer in the Holy Land

Where Jesus Prayed: Illuminating the Lord's Prayer in the Holy Land

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When Danielle Shroyer went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, she had one goal: to enjoy God, fully present to the presence of the Holy. Tired of her own wordy prayers and theological thoughts as a pastor, she wanted her prayers to be quiet listening rather than incessant speaking. When the Lord s Prayer came to mind in the midst of her silence, she welcomed the words of Jesus as the only words she needed. Thus began a rhythm that lasted for two weeks of pilgrimage, as she traveled, praying only the words Jesus taught. Immersed in a sense of place, she felt the prayer coming to life in new and unexpected ways.
The Lord s Prayer has remained with us for two thousand years for many reasons. Here it returns to its place of origin, carried deep in the heart of a pilgrim traveler as she walks where Jesus walked and discovers within its words the depth, beauty and truth of the One who prayed them first.
For a while, my prayer was only breath, rhythmic and slow. Then, after a while, it seemed only fitting to pray the Lord s Prayer nothing more, nothing less. Just Jesus s words of hope for this world and for these his children. Our Father, who art in heaven. . . . from the Introduction"

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