Why the Mystics Matter Now

Why the Mystics Matter Now

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Author: Frederick Bauerschmidt

Frederick Bauerschmidt introduces contemporary readers to the mystical writers, revealing their insights to be relevant and useful in a modern, hurting world. With an unconventional and engaging style, he strips away the unfamiliar, making the mystics more approachable, less intimidating. Bauerschmidt starts where we are: in a disenchanted world that is paradoxically without God and with too many gods; a world that takes but does not give. He then draws just a few words from those particular mystics whose struggles and questions closely parallel our own, revealing the meaning of their words in accessible, practical ways. Thus, Therese of Lisieux speaks to us on the trial of faith, Ignatius of Loyola on discerning the authentic path, and Catherine of Siena on true generosity. And in a light, even playful tone, Bauerschmidt shows how the mystics are relevant to timely issues, such as ecology ("how to be green" from Hildegard of Bingen) and depression ("how to be blue" with Julian of Norwich). This inviting, contemporary guidebook serves as a primer on the mystical writers. The insights of the mystics are relevant to the problems we face today, and Bauerschmidt has opened the door to a body of wisdom that is often viewed as difficult and inaccessible.

ISBN: 9781893732711