Amazed and Afraid

Amazed and Afraid

Amazed and Afraid is designed to help anyonethose who attend church regularly and those who have never met Jesus before in any meaningful wayto dive into the Gospels and begin a regular pattern of prayer. Each of the six sessions features a scene about Jesus and his followers, followed by a series of questions, meant to help participants begin to reflect more deeply about their relationship with Jesus. An Encountering Christ This Week section provides additional Scripture passages to encourage readers to spend at least fifteen minutes each day in personal prayer.
Detailed facilitator guides are included for each session as well as other appendices that put the Scriptures in a historical-cultural context, teach participants how to pray, provide discussion guidelines for small groups, and encourage the celebration of the sacraments.


Author:   The Evangelical Catholic Ministry
Format:   Paperback
Pages:     132

Size:         5.3" x .03" x 8"