An Anthology of Saints: Official, Unofficial, and Should-Be Saints

An Anthology of Saints: Official, Unofficial, and Should-Be Saints

Saints are a significant part of our heritage, revered figures of our Christian culture, according to Father Bill Bausch. Long before television, the cult of the saints dominated the popular imagination; they were and are our Christian celebrities. He says that while modern celebrities point to and celebrate themselves, the saints point to or wrestle with something more beyond appearances, some one more. They are mirrors to another reality.

Whatever their history, at least once in their lives, saints heroically leap beyond their pride, self absorption, and even the instincts of self preservation into a fullness of sacrifice, generosity, and love that takes our breath away. As Father Bausch illustrates here, amazing grace envelops them, sometimes like a gentle breeze, other times like a storm. However it happens, he says, we are surprised, edified, and impressed, impressed enough to call them saints, whether they are official or not. He covers fifty of these saints (official, unofficial, and should-be s) here in his beautifully written anthology.

One more thing. Father Bausch says that saints teach us and assure us that we too can catch a glimpse of what God is like and learn who we are called to be. This is reason enough to listen to their stories.