Image of God Grade 6 God's Merciful Love

Emphasis on the Old Testament with special focus on the Book of Genesis. While studying the Old Testament the students experience their Catholic Family Story - the history of salvation.

Student Workbook

  • Text and Activity in One Book
  • Clear, Comprehensive and Interesting Presentation of the Catholic Faith
  • Seven Key Concepts: God, Creation, Christ, Church, Grace, Sacraments and Commandments
  • Stories from Scripture, Lives of the Saints
  • Lessons are Complimented by Colourful Illustrations

Teacher's manual:

  •  Detailed, Thorough and Full of Practical Ideas
  •  Review questions 
  •  Liturgical and Holiday Lessons
  • Prayer Service Suggestions 
  •  Living the Lesson Sections Relates Concepts of Faith to Everyday Living
  •  Inserted Reproductions of the Student Text
  • Appendix Containing Family Notes to be Sent Home to Simulate Family Discussion and Activities, Prayers to know
  • Additional Worksheet that may be used as Gradable Material to assess Students Comprehension of the Lessons