Legend of Saint Christopher

Legend of Saint Christopher

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The legend of Saint Christopher, first written in the thirteenth century, tells the story of a strong man named Offero, who wants to find the greatest ruler in all the world and to serve him as his bearer. Offero's search is in vain until a mysterious child at a riverside asks Offero to carry him over the river. Only after Offero has carried the child over the river does he discover the child's true identity. Then Offero's name is changed to Christopher. 

Author Margaret Hodges retells with power and simplicity this unforgettable tale of the man who became known as the patron saint of travelers. And illustrator Richard Jesse Watson has created hypnopompic paintings that dramatically capture Offero's journey and the brilliance of his discovery of the One he sought.

Author:         Margaret Hodges;  Illustrator: Richard Jesse Watson
Format:         Paperback
Pages:           32
Dimension:   8 1.2" x 11"
Ages:             5 - 10

ISBN: 9780802853608