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Lemon the Duck

Lemon the Duck

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This gorgeous picture book is based on the inspirational true story of Lemon the Pekin Duck, who was born in an elementary school classroom. Neurological issues make Lemon unable to walk, but with the support of a compassionate teacher and her students, Lemon is still able to become one happy duck. In the story, Ms. Lake and her class conduct an egg-hatching project in school and on the big day, welcome four little ducklings into the world. The students soon realize that the soft yellow one they named Lemon looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but cannot stand up and walk like a duck. They worry that Lemon won't be happy if she is not able to do all the things ducks love to do, and work together to help Lemon thrive. When the time comes to tackle the challenge of encouraging Lemon to stand up, their creative ideas lead to a surprising solution, the recycling of an old doggie life vest, which, it turns out, makes the perfect duck harness. Through working with Lemon, the students share her in victories and learn that acceptance, love, and extra special care can go a long way. They also come to understand that her difference does not make Lemon any less special.

Ages 3-7

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