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Lent and Easter Prayer at Home

Lent and Easter Prayer at Home

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How can we make this Lent and Easter special? Simply by paying attention to the ordinary things all around us. "Instead of looking for prayer opportunities outside the home, I want to help readers use the ordinary things in their homes as prayer starters," Fr. Mark Boyer says. The kitchen chair, the oil we cook with, the glass of wine, the dress we wear-these ordinary things bespeak not only the sacredness of our daily lives, but find their place in the traditions and celebrations of these holy seasons.

The three sections of Lent and Easter Prayer at Home cover Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, and provide fifty-nine short chapters with a wealth of material for prayer, whether by families around the table or individually before going to bed. Each chapter contains a brief scripture passage, a prayerful reflection, meditation questions, a prayer drawn from the Psalms, and a concluding section called Memories which invites us to create a journal with the stories and practices of Lent and Easter in our homes as a family heirloom. Mark Boyer's thoughtful reflections and suggestions help readers connect with God through deeper prayer and journal keeping.

Lent and Easter Prayer at Home is a simple and practical way to help your family-and yourself-make the seasons of Lent and Easter truly special this year and in the years to come.


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