Moved By The Spirit: God's Power at Work in His People

Moved By The Spirit: God's Power at Work in His People

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Author: Kevin Perrotta 

Looking for an extreme personal makeover? The Holy Spirit is your answer. The Spirit acts in us as "architect and contractor," says popular Catholic author Kevin Perrotta, to bring about God's plan for our lives. This six-session Bible study explores such questions as: What does the Spirit come to do in us? How can we experience his presence and cooperate with him? What will happen if we do? Scenes from Luke's gospel featuring Mary and Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, and Jesus himself are included here, as well as two scenes from the Book of Acts. Perrotta concludes the study with a passage about the Spirit from St. Paul.

Each session features: the full Scripture text; a short commentary; questions for reflection, discussion, and personal application; "In the Spotlight" sections featuring wisdom from the saints and the church, root meaning of Greek words, fascinating historical background, and stories of faith from contemporary people.

ISBN: 9781593251147