My God Your God Our God

My God Your God Our God

David, Johanna & Ibrahim are three best friends who talk about everything together, including God.  One day, they decide to settle the argument that divides them time and time again.  Whose God is the very best God?  Ibrahim volunteers to find out, and travels the world with his donkey, Fidelio, asking everyone he meets about their God.

Following along with Ibrahim and Fidelio as they search for the very best God, and on the way, discover God's greatest gift to us all.  "My God, Your God, Our God" is an unique picture book about peace, tolerance, and friendship, and a welcome story for our troubled times.


Author:  Franz Hubner; Illustrator: Giuliano Ferri
Format:   Hardcover
Pages:        24
Size:           8.5" x 11.25" x .5"
Ages:          8 to 12 years