Overcoming Jealousy & Envy Therapy

Overcoming Jealousy & Envy Therapy

Envy and jealousy can be subtle. They do not have to have the rage of violence as when a girlfriend lashes out because she cannot tolerate her boyfriend talking to another girl, or when a co-worker damages the reputation of one who got the job he desired. These emotions can, however, slowly degrade or erode our relationships, doing lasting damage to those we care about and, more importantly, to our own spirits and sense of self-worth. Early recognition helps stem the tide of envy or jealousy. This book will help readers discover how to weed jealousy and envy from their lives to nurture growth toward maturity. Approx 80 pages; 4″ x 6″, perfect-bound paperback.

Author:    Patti Normile
Format:   Paperback
Pages:       80
Size:          4 x 6 inches