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Sleeping Baby in Wings Garden Statue

Sleeping Baby in Wings Garden Statue

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Immerse your outdoor sanctuary in a sense of timeless tranquility with our Sleeping Baby in Wings Garden Statue. Crafted with care from a resilient Resin Stone Mix, this statue beautifully combines the durability of resin with the natural elegance of stone. At 7 inches in height, 14.25 inches in width, and 7.5 inches in depth, it delicately captures the essence of a sleeping baby nestled within angelic wings. The intricately sculpted details evoke a sense of innocence and serenity, inviting contemplation and reflection in your garden space.

This tender portrayal of a sleeping baby cradled in wings serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty of innocence and the tranquility of slumber. Its boxed packaging ensures safe delivery, allowing you to seamlessly integrate this heartfelt piece into your outdoor décor. Whether placed amidst vibrant blooms or nestled in a quiet corner, this statue brings a sense of peace and harmony to your garden landscape, creating a space for quiet contemplation and connection with nature.

Let the Sleeping Baby in Wings Garden Statue become a cherished focal point in your outdoor haven, infusing it with a touch of angelic grace and timeless beauty. As the delicate features of the statue catch the sunlight and cast gentle shadows, it invites moments of pause and reflection, reminding us of the preciousness of life and the serenity found in the embrace of sleep. Embrace the tranquility and innocence embodied in this exquisite garden statue, and create a space where peace and beauty flourish.


  • Made of Resin Stone Mix
  • Size 7"H 14.25"W 7.5"D
  • Boxed 


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