The 99 Experience Starter Pack

The 99 Experience Starter Pack

The 99 Starter Pack comes with a DVD set, one copy of The 99 Masterclass Guide, and one copy of The 99 Handbook.

Included in the Starter Pack ...

The 99, DVD set

The 99 DVD set features the videos for The 99 Masterclass (6 sessions, totalling 18 short segments each between 3-7 minutes long) as well as The 99 Experience (3 sessions, totalling 8 segments each between 7-14 minutes long).

The 99 Handbook: A Catholic Guide for a Life of Faith (136 pages, paperback)

The 99 Handbook is an invitation to examine your life of faith, beginning with where you are right now. With doses of humor and easy-to-read style, it makes the case that a life of faith—a personal relationship with Jesus—is necessary, reasonable, and rewarding.