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Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

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The Apostles of Jesus come alive for children. Illustrated in full colour.

The Twelve Apostles are: 

  • Simon Peter 
  • Andrew (identified as Peter's brother)
  • James the Greater (Son of Zebedee)
  • John (Younger brother of James)
  • Philip
  • Bartholomew (Friend of Philip)
  • Thomas (also called Didymus 
  • Matthew
  • James (Son of Alpheus)
  • Judas Thaddeus (Brother of James - Son of Alpheus)
  • Simon the Cananeon
  • Judas Iscariot

Author:  Rev. Jude Winkler
Format: Paperback 
Pages:    32 
Size:       5 1/2 X 7 3/8 inches

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