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After Suicide There's Hope for Them and for You

After Suicide There's Hope for Them and for You

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Informative and easy-to read account of Fr. Chris Alar's account of his own grandmother's suicide.  Father Alar & his fellow Marian Jason Lewis give you the insight necessary to better understand how to grieve such a tragic loss and how to help others during their time of need.

This book unpacks the treasures of the Church's teaching, Sacraments, and devotions to bring real, transforming grace into the struggle of understanding and grieving suicide.  After Suicide will give you true hope, both for the salvation of the one who died by their own hand and for the healing of those who are left behind.

This book is a must read for all those trying to make sense out of such a difficult subject.  Additionally, the principles presented herein apply not only to those lost to suicide, but by any means of death.


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