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Baptism/Christening Wall Cross

Baptism/Christening Wall Cross

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Introducing our Baptism/Christening Wall Cross, a heartfelt and timeless gift to commemorate the sacred occasion of baptism. Crafted from delicate porcelain, this elegant wall cross stands at 8 inches in height and features exquisite bas relief designs that add a touch of charm and sophistication.

The cross is adorned with a tender blessing, "May God's Love Surround You," providing a reassuring and enduring message for the baptized individual. The intricate details and thoughtful craftsmanship make this wall cross a meaningful keepsake, destined to evolve into a cherished heirloom that beautifully encapsulates the significance of that special Baptism day.

Celebrate the sanctity of this milestone with a gift that combines elegance and spiritual sentiment. Our porcelain Baptism/Christening Wall Cross is a symbol of divine blessings and enduring love, a perfect addition to any home and a timeless reminder of the sacred commitment made on that sacred day.


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