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Black American Saints Pamphlet Set

Black American Saints Pamphlet Set

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The first black Americans are being considered for sainthood. Spend an hour with these holy men and women and learn about their spiritual journeys with the Black American Saints Set.

Pierre Toussaint was born a slave in Haiti. After his owner moved his family to New York, Toussaint gained his freedom and became a respected benefactor of the poor of New York City.

Mother Mary Lange was a gifted yet humble woman from Cuba who settled in Baltimore in 1813. Seeing a need for education of the children of slaves and immigrants of color, she began teaching them although it was illegal.

Mother Henriette Delille was born into one of the oldest and most affluent racially mixed Catholic Creole families. She founded the Sisters of the Holy Family who ministered to the poor.

Julia Greeley was born a slave in Missouri and moved to Denver after gaining her freedom, working as a cook and nanny. Julia became known as Denver’s “Angel of Charity” for her work with the poor, especially children.

Augustus Tolton endured the inhumanity of slavery and racism in Illinois to become the first ordained black priest in America. People were drawn to Father Tolton because of his humility, innate compassion and attention he offered those in need, as well as his devotion and willingness to be of service.

Thea Bowman was born in 1937 and reared in humble Canton, Mississippi. Sister Thea spent her life communicating God’s universal and unconditional love to those most in need of the good news, especially the poor and marginalized.

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Set of 6; 24 Pages Each
Size: 3.375" x 5.25"


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