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Finding a Loving God In the Midst of Grief

Finding a Loving God In the Midst of Grief

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The loss of a love one is often devastating and while each of us experience grief in an unique way, finding your way back to a place of wholeness may seem impossible.  The emptiness, loneliness and darkness seem to never fade.

This book will help you find comfort and grow closer to God, who often seems far off or even absent in your journey through grief.

Drawing from personal testimonies and religious texts, this book also contains practical advice on how to overcome some of the emotional followed by practical aspect of grief, and a prayer on each topic.  This book will also help you make decisions about what to pass on and what to keep in order to treasure your memories loved one.

Grief is a very unique and personal experience.  Through this book, you will be given the confidence to grieve in your own way.  Ultimately, they will see grief as a journey that can lead you into a richer spiritual life.


Author:  Susan M. Erschen
Format:  Paperback
Pages:    160
Size:        5 1/4 x 8 inches


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