Healing Stories of Jesus

Healing Stories of Jesus

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This Bible study, part of our popular Keys to the Bible series, will examine six of the Gospel stories in which Jesus healed those suffering from a variety of physical or spiritual afflictions. While healings demonstrate the love and compassion that Jesus has for each one of us, they are also a sign of the new creation he came to inaugurate—an announcement that the kingdom of God is at hand. Even today, supernatural healing gifts are meant to be a sign that God is present and active in the world today. This study will help you view Jesus' healings in a new way and encourage you to pray for healing for yourself, your family, and those you encounter each day. Each session of this Bible study features:

   • the Scripture text to be studied and insightful commentary.
  • questions for reflection, discussion, and personal application. 
  • "In the Spotlight" sections featuring witnesses of modern-day healings.

Author:  Louis Grams
Pages:  102
Format: PaperbackSize:  14.7 x 0.8 x 21.3 cm

ISBN: 9781593252908