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Humble Strength

Humble Strength

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Discover what humility is (and isn't!) St. Augustine calls humility the "foundation of all the other virtues"-but what exactly is this virtue? In Humble Strength: The Eye-Opening Benefits of Humility, Catholic author and clinical psychologist Kevin Vost shows that humility isn't self-hatred, but rather knowing your truest self through God's grace. With Scripture passages and wisdom from the saints, Humble Strength shows Catholics - What humility is and isn't. - Practical steps for growing in this virtue. - The psychological aspects and benefits of humility. - How humility can conquer fears. - Humility's foundational role in building virtue. - The way humility can help Catholics avoid sins. Monumental! Kevin Vost's vast body of work in the fields of psychology, the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, and insights into releasing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and defeating the seven deadly sins are gathered together within this one volume and crowned and completed by the virtue of humility-the virtue so dear to Christ's sacred heart (Mt. 11:29). -Shane Kapler Author of The Biblical Roots of Marian Consecration I love this book! ... It is time to revive the ancient art of humility. Dr. Vost has crafted a beautiful book, that fills you with hope for yourself on your spiritual journey, and for our world. -Suzanne R. Jamail, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, author of Healing From Heaven A handy guide to developing humility, in Humble Strength Dr. Vost gives practical advice that even an exceedingly proud man like me can understand. As he shows, humility is the key to gaining knowledge (perhaps that's why his writing seems so simple even though he's explaining complex ideas), and more importantly, humility is the key to holiness. -Fr. Michael Rennier Dappled Things Magazine


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