I Am My Grandpa's Enkelin

I Am My Grandpa's Enkelin

This original tale is told by a granddaughter (Enkelin, in German), looking back in loving memory at all that her German-American grandpa taught her. It is a beautiful book to use to talk with children in preparation for, or after, they have experienced grief from the death of a grandparent


            As Grandpa shows his precious Enkelin how to live well, he also, at the end of his life, shows her that death is not an end, but a new beginning.


            Children will delight in life on the farm, from caring for horses to working together in the garden:


Peas were the first to ripen.

We popped them from their pods

And dropped them, bump and tumble, in the pot.


They will be fascinated by the real-life ways that growing and dying are part of life: hens protecting their chicks, succulent duck for supper, even butchering hogs in autumn and the ways that a community comes together to prepare a feast.

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