Image of God Series Kindergarten Who Am I?

Image of God, Who Am I? Kindergarten is a Catholic religion curriculum for children in kindergarten that presents the faith in a lively, colourful manner with colourful graphics.

• Founded on two unifying key truths: God and creation
• Stresses the dignity of each child made in God's image
• Presents the faith in terms children understand with activities that reinforce the lesson
• Each lesson includes Bible stories, "Concepts of Faith", home activities and fun worksheets

The Children's Workbook

  • Activities Involve the Children in Colouring, Cutting Matching, Drawing and Printing to Reinforce the Lesson
  • Several Booklets for the Students to Assemble
  • Family Notes, on the back of the workbook pages, Provide Take Home Material to Furnish the Basis for Family Faith Discussion and Activities
  • 90 Pages;  Size 11 x 8.5 Inches

The Teacher Manual:

  • Gives Suggested Time Allotment for one-day-a-week and five-days-a-week programs
  • Lessons include Correspondence to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, vocabulary words, a choice of activities to reinforce the lesson, Bible stories, and prayers to know.
  • Appendix contains patterns for the various arts and craft projects, and additional worksheets.
  • 285 Pages; Size 12 x 9.5 Inches