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Living Easter Through the Year: Making the Most of the Resurrection

Living Easter Through the Year: Making the Most of the Resurrection

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We know how to celebrate Christmas. There are parties, dinners, and presents. Decorations, cards, and phone calls. We even let Jesus make a guest appearance. But what about Easter? Here is the great Christian festival, the turning point of history, the hinge on which the destiny of the world swung open. And we don’t seem to know what to do with it except see it as a holiday weekend.

John Pritchard writes in Living Easter through the Year that what happened on that first resurrection morning wasn’t just that the stone was rolled away to let Jesus out; it was rolled away to let us in. We were shown that the empty tomb—the symbol of resurrection—is available for us all to experience. Resurrection is constantly available. It’s an open secret.

Living Easter through the Year is full of ideas, reflections, and resources on how to extend the message of resurrection through the weeks following Easter and into the rest of our lives. It includes articles of accessible reflection, ways to celebrate resurrection and to continue the risen life, worship ideas, personal stories, poetry, music, art, a group course, literature, film, cartoons, and humor, all designed to give a variety of points of entry to the theme of resurrection.


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