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Made by God, Made for God: Catholic Morality Explained

Made by God, Made for God: Catholic Morality Explained

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by Matthew K. Minerd

Understand the "why" behind Catholic morality.

In Made by God, Made for God: Catholic Morality Explained, Catholics will find a fresh approach to the timeless moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Steeped in Scripture and Catholic tradition, this book reveals the beauty of Catholic morality in a relatable and easy-to-understand way.

Often, Catholic morality is seen as a list of things we can't do. But what it actually presents is a way to live that brings us closer to God and makes our joy complete.

Catholic morality is a roadmap that shows us the way of life God intended for us. Life is better when we follow God's plan!
Made by God, Made for God presents the beauty of living life according to Church teaching, which the Church received from Christ, and it doesn't shy away from tough topics. Have you ever wondered how to explain the Sunday Mass obligation, why exactly we fast, or what the logic of Catholic sexual ethics is? This is the book for you.

Read Made by God, Made for God to discover that Catholic morality is:

For theologians
About a relationship with God
Steeped in Scripture
Steeped in Catholic Tradition
For everyone!
"This eloquent and luminous book, inspired by the best spiritual and intellectual traditions of the Church, makes Catholic moral teaching accessible to all, in a universal language that preserves the fullness of the truth, and communicates it with warmth and humanity. It is highly to be recommended!"

— Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.

Rector Magnificus, Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Rome, Italy



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