One-Day Retreats for Youth

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Author: Geri Braden and Joan Finn Connelly

A retreat can be a transforming experience for a growing teen. With active-learning exercises, a sound biblical foundation, and meaningful prayer experiences, these one-day retreats provide activities on specific themes. Included are icebreakers, prayers, a variety of group exercises, affirmations, guided meditations, and handouts.

One-Day Retreats for Junior High Youth offers six retreats on these themes:

  • Christian community.
  • freshman survival.
  • peacemaking.
  • peer pressure.
  • self-esteem.
  • sexuality.

The themes for One-Day Retreats for Senior High Youth anticipate the critical issues that face graduating seniors:

  • celebrating diversity.
  • graduation.
  • peacemaking
  • prayer and relationship with Jesus
  • self-esteem.
  • sexuality.


124 Pages/144 Pages

ISBN: 9780884894360