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Rerouting Finding Our Way to God and His Church

Rerouting Finding Our Way to God and His Church

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When we lack a basic understanding of what the Churches teaches, we can feel as if we're on a road without a map, or have the wrong map, or only pieces of the map.  So how can we journey to the Father and the eternal life Christ won for us?  Without a map, how will we make it to our destination?

"Rerouting" addresses this problem head on, putting the map once again into our hands - or, in today's language, providing us with the voice of a GPS device telling us where we must go in order to come safely home.  Fr. Riccardo, in his distinctive, inclusive way, brings us face-to-face with Christ as the Church has proclaimed him from its earliest days.  Guiding us around obstacles we often face as we try to understand our faith, this book answers questions Catholics commonly ask: What is the goal of human life?  What really happens at Mass? Why is sexuality holy, and why must it be treated as such?

In the culture in which we live, we can be blinded to transcendence - therefor to the saving work of Christ's passion, death and resurrection.  "Rerouting" presents us with a sweeping vista of what we believe in a way that makes sense and causes our faith to grow and flourish, both in our hearts and in the world.

Author:  Fr. John Riccardo
Format:  Paperback
Pages:   144
Size:       5 1/4 x 8"


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