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Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Young readers, meet Francis of Assisi—the world’s most famous Saint

Travel back in time and over the sea to a city in Umbria in the heart of Italy in 1182. There you’ll meet Francesco Bernardone—better known as Saint Francis of Assisi.

But who was Francis? He was a Saint, that’s for sure—but he was also a soldier and a rebel. He was a man who loved peace and preached to animals but was unafraid to stand up for what was right, take care of lepers, challenge the rich, and defend the poor.

Tim Ladwig’s beautiful illustrations will transport you into Francis’s world and open your eyes and your heart to the inspiring life of the world’s most famous saint.

"This brisk early reader introduces youngsters to a saint beloved for his care for all of Earth’s fauna. It moves in the style of fairy tales and parables, dropping bits of medieval and religious history here and there as it follows Francis from his spirited childhood play toward his coming-of-age, which was marked by concern for the poor and the ill. It covers the hardships he faced, and his monastic work, too. Delicate watercolor illustrations illuminate almost every page of this excellent inspirational biography." —Foreword Review of Books

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