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Should We Marry?

Should We Marry?

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This book challenges couples to seriously ponder the questions "Is this really love?" and "Is this the person for me?" And it speaks directly to the church's teaching on cohabitation! It's must reading for those anticipating marriage and a superb resource for all Marriage Preparation Ministers. We all know the statistics. In fact, we've heard it so often that we may have become resigned to the fact that better than 50% of marriages will not endure. Yet thousands of people in churches across the country continue to labor in the ministry of marriage preparation, doing their utmost to prepare couples for the significant sacramental commitment of marriage.

In Should We Marry?, Fr. Joseph Champlin capitalizes on his many years of experience in counseling and preparing couples to provide an invaluable resource for those anticipating marriage and all who work in marriage preparation. At last, here is a book to present to all couples—as early as possible—to clearly challenge them to deal with the question," Should we marry?", from a non-romantic perspective. Beyond effectively moving the reader to seriously ponder "Is this really love?" and "Is this the person for me?"; Fr. Champlin deals compassionately, yet directly, with the question of cohabitation. He clearly states and clarifies the church's teaching on this practice, and also raises awareness of the ultimate negative impact of cohabitation on the sustainability of marriage. While the lengthy section on cohabitation speaks to couples, it is sure to be a welcome resource for priests, deacons and lay marriage preparation ministries who constantly must speak to the contemporary phenomenon.


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