Source of All Love   Catholicity & the Trinity

Source of All Love Catholicity & the Trinity

This fresh approach to an age-old doctrine brings together theology and science to reveal an active, conscious, omnipresent power of Love that never began, never will end, and guides the universe and everything in it. The key to spiritual evolution is awareness and participation.
Theologian Russell inspires us to see that Trinity is not only the ground of our being but the goal of an evolving universe. She shows how the idea of catholicity – a sense of wholeness – orients us toward universality and motivates us to turn together as one. It is Trinity that empowers all of life to become whole and unified in love. This is, in truth, what we always are and what we will become.

Author:    Heidi Russell
Format:   Paperback
Pages:      224
Size:         5 x 8 1/4"