St. Joseph Icon

St. Joseph Icon

Guardian of the Holy Family and also Guardian of the Church Universal, for centuries Saint Joseph has been one of the most beloved saints of the Church. The saint holds a flowering staff which was the miraculous testimony that signalled God's choice of Saint Joseph as the betrothed of the Blessed Virgin.

Searching for a righteous man with whom they could entrust the youthful Virgin Mary in marriage, the priests of the Temple called all men of the tribe of Judah to bring their staves into the Holy of Holies. The staff of the righteous old man Saint Joseph miraculously budded, as is depicted in our icon of the saint. And so he was chosen to be the spouse of the Blessed Virgin.

Saint Luke's Gospel describes in detail Saint Joseph's important role in the eternal drama of Christ's birth, the flight into Egypt, and the finding in the Temple. The apocryphal "History of Joseph the Carpenter" records that at his holy death he was assisted by Christ and the Blessed Virgin.

More churches in the United States are named after Saint Joseph than any other saint.

Saint of: dying people, doubt, hesitation, people in doubt, interior souls, carpenters, craftsmen, engineers, fathers, laborers, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, Vietnam .

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