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The Dragonfly Secret: A Story of Boundless Love

The Dragonfly Secret: A Story of Boundless Love

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Love and hope transcend all boundaries when a boy and a dragonfly meet. An impossible encounter? Lea journeys through a beautiful garden to discover the boy's secret. As she follows his clues, Lea meets people who need her help. And at the end, the unexpected secret is revealed. Part mystery, part surprise, this timeless story that celebrates the dragonfly's gift to others is sure to leave a lasting impression. Beautifully illustrated, The Dragonfly Secret gently encourages children and adults to explore life's infinite possibilities. Because of it, readers may look at nature in an entirely new light.

Excerpt: Lea explored other parts of the garden. She looked under a picnic table and peeked inside the gardener's tool shed. Suddenly, Lea felt a strange stillness. The birds and insects were quiet. Someone nearby was crying. Lea flew cautiously toward the sound. A woman sat on a wooden bench in the corner of the garden. Lea could see her face wet with tears. The light around the woman seemed dim. For a moment, Lea's wings felt very heavy. She, too, felt sad. This must be what the woman feels, she thought. The woman continued to cry. Uncertain of what to do, Lea made her way to the branch of a nearby tree. She looked at the woman. Something caught her attention. Beside the woman on the bench was ...


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