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30 Days to Your New Life A Guide to Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul

30 Days to Your New Life A Guide to Transforming Yourself from Head to Soul

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A timeless book for troubled times.

Happiness. Everyone wants it, but not everyone has it--or knows how to get it. According to a recent Harris poll, only 1 in 3 Americans describes himself as happy. Researchers have dubbed this the "most stressed" of all generations, despite its economic prosperity and technological advances. Anthony DeStefano, bestselling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven and Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, addresses this problem head-on in his freshly rewritten book, 30 Days to Your New Life, by striving to bring the joy of Heaven down to Earth right now.

Many self-help books explore the subject of happiness, but one important ingredient always seems to be missing: God. In this no-nonsense, refreshingly direct book, DeStefano bridges the gap between personal development programs and Christian/Catholic spirituality. The result is a wake-up call to readers; an outcome-based motivational guide to living life to its fullest--and holiest. DeStefano's practical, pull-no-punches, approach to popular theology has been described as "Tony Robbins meets Thomas Aquinas."

With candor and simplicity, DeStefano presents an easy-to-follow framework for attaining lifelong peace and fulfillment, as well as (more importantly) eternal happiness in Heaven. The path proposed by DeStefano encourages consistent, purposeful and prayerful action on the part of the reader, and offers genuine hope to everyone, from ambivalent agnostics to engaged evangelicals to the most fervent of Catholics.

This is a book about getting results, about breaking out of self-delusion and taking small, practical steps to transform your life from head to soul. The author believes that as more and more people today struggle with depression and loneliness, self-help programs need to be less about "self-help" and more about "God's help." God, after all, is the Author of life. He knows what will make us happy--and what won't.

DeStefano utilizes the best personal development tools available, but balances and corrects them with Bible-based, faith-filled, time-tested, sacramental, Catholic principles. No matter how terrible your circumstances may be or how many times you've failed to achieve your goals in the past, this book will work for you."


Author: Anthony Destefano
Format: Hardcover
Pages:   292
Size:     8.75" x 5.75" x 1"


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