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99 Masterclass Guide

99 Masterclass Guide

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The 99 Masterclass is a video course and a series of workshops for training teams in the principles of effective evangelization. It also includes outlines for the facilitation of The 99 Experience, an evangelization mission series. 

In this course, you will learn from a diverse and passionate group of evangelization experts who offer encouragement and advice on how to build stronger community as Catholics. Topics covered in The 99 Masterclass include:

  • How to develop a deeper personal relationship with Jesus as the necessary starting point for evangelization
  • Practical advice for living a life led by the Holy Spirit
  • Tips for developing and sharing your own Christian witness in both word and action
  • How to invite others into Christian community and a deeper relationship with Christ
  • How young people see the Church and how to better evangelize them
  • Your personal mission as a Catholic within the larger mission of the Church

In a parish setting, we recommend that every ministry team member and volunteer participate in The 99 Masterclass. It will effectively get them on the same page regarding their call to evangelize, and it will kick start evangelization on a parish-wide level.

As you experience The 99 Masterclass, you will be inspired, energized, and challenged. Most of all, you will come to see that you have been called by God—to a life of faith with Jesus and his Church—and you will be inspired with an urgency to share that life with others.

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