Biblical Walk Through the Mass Student Pack

Biblical Walk Through the Mass Student Pack

Based on the revised translation of the Mass, this five-part program takes participants on an exciting tour of the Liturgy as it explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience at Mass and explains their profound significance. See, perhaps for the first time, why we say what we say and do what we do every week at Mass. The words and gestures will be seen in a new light, giving new life to the liturgical experience.

Your Group Will:

  • Learn the biblical background to the words, prayers, and gestures of the Liturgy, all in the context of the revised Mass translation
  • Discover how the Mass is a “true re-presentation” of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice on the Cross
  • Explore the three key aspects of the Mass as a Sacrifice, Real Presence, and Holy Communion
  • Gain helpful insights for getting the most out of every Mass...and much more!

This Student Pack includes A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Book, which is used as the text for the study, and a Student Workbook. The Workbook guides you through your study drawing on pertinent passages from the Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church to help you uncover the riches of the Mass. Group discussion of the questions reinforces the lesson. Each lesson is designed to accompany the corresponding presentation from A Biblical Walk Through the Mass DVD or CD series, which contains expert commentary presented by Edward Sri.

The Student Pack includes:

  • 165-page textbook, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass
  • 36-page Student Workbook.

This Pack corresponds to the DVD presentation.


Author: Edward Sri

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