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Passage to Pasch: Revisiting the Catholic Sacraments

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Michael Drumm Sacraments One of the great preoccupations of pastors in today's church is the relevance of the sacraments in the lives of the People of God. Have our rituals and symbols become so minimalized and frozen as to have lost their meaning for people? Michael Drumm approaches the question of liturgy and sacrament from a uniquely fresh and Irish perspective. Drawing widely from the history of religion in Ireland, right back to pre-Christian times, and taking into account the findings of anthropology and sociology, he proposes that we revisit the ritual behavior of the ancient Irish and draw out those elements of ritual that can help, along with our Christian tradition of sacramental theology, to revitalize our own celebrations. Michael Drumm is a lecturer in systematic theology at the Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin.
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