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Prayer to St. Sebastian Holy Card

Prayer to St. Sebastian Holy Card

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Saint Sebastian Prayer Cards

We pray for the intercession of Saint Sebastian with these quality prayer cards. Sebastian was born in Gaul (France) and joined the ranks of the Roman army to remain a covert Christian among pagans. His skill and leadership propelled him to the rank of captain and imperial officer. Sebastian spent his military years quietly converting other soldiers, healing injured and sick comrades, and supporting fellow secret Christians. His evangelization was so powerful that he converted the Roman governor! This was the last straw for Emperor Diocletian, who ordered Sebastian bound and shot to death with arrows. Nearly dead from that punishment, he was saved and nursed back to health by St. Irene. Not content to simply escape with his life, Sebastian returned to Diocletian in a last attempt to convert the pagan emperor himself. This time, Diocletian ordered Sebastian beat to death with clubs, to ensure his demise and martyrdom.


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