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Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School Edition DVD

Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School Edition DVD

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by Brian Butler, Jason Evert, Colin and Aimee MacIver

The Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition DVD Set is an essential tool for educators, youth ministers, and parents. Used in conjunction with the Student Workbook and Leader’s Guide, this DVD series creates a vibrant and relevant educational experience, which middle school youth are sure to enjoy.

The Middle School Edition DVD includes:

  • Eight 20-minute lessons divided into short 2-4 minute teachings
  • Commentaries presented by the authors of the program and other experts in the field
  • Dynamic content, including man-on-the-street interviews and fun trivia
  • A presentation and summary of the program geared specifically toward parents

About Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School:

The Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School program is divided into 8 unique segments that reflect the pedagogical approach of St. John Paul II’s revolutionary teaching. The program gives sixth through eighth graders the answers to their tough questions concerning their bodies, their sexuality, and their future. The program has been designed specifically as a catechetical program to fit perfectly into Catholic schools, youth ministry, CCD, and homeschooling settings. Theology of the Body for Teens Middle School Edition has been granted an imprimatur.

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