Understanding the Sacraments of Vocation  A Rite Based Approach

Understanding the Sacraments of Vocation A Rite Based Approach

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The liturgy as an encounter between God and his children in Christ and the Holy Spirit. In this resource, Rev. Randy Stice explores two key topics in his catechesis on the Sacraments of Vocation: (1) The liturgy is first and foremost about a relationship between God and his people. (2) The liturgy is a language, and the more one masters its “vocabulary” and “grammar”, the more one can enter into the spiritual reality and power it makes present.
In Understanding the Sacraments of Vocation, Randy Stice presents a catechesis or mystagogy on the sacraments of vocation based on the methodology presented in the encyclical Sacramentum Caritatis:

  • In accessible language, Rev. Randy Stice examines the foundations of the rites of Orders and Matrimony in the Old Testament.
  • He explains the meaning of the signs of the rites; he uses the rite to explain the sacrament.
  • He pastorally connects the meaning of the sacraments to the individual Christian’s daily life.
The book is rite-based: It explains the meaning of the words, actions and signs of the rites. The primary sources for this catechesis are:
  • the rites of Holy Orders and Matrimony themselves,
  • the general introduction to those sacraments,
  • the biblical readings for each sacrament;
  • the Catechism of the Catholic Church;
  • Papal and curial documents (encyclicals, instructions, etc.);
  • documents by the USCCB; and
  • the writings of the Church Fathers.

Author:  Randy Stice Format:  Paperback
Size:       6 x 9
Pages:    160

ISBN: 9781616711924