We Pray In Many Ways  by Christine Way Skinner;

We Pray In Many Ways by Christine Way Skinner;

The third in our Catholic Kids' Series, this is a beautifully illustrated book to teach younger children the many ways Catholics pray, including traditional prayers that all Catholic children should know. Two Family Pages at the back help parents/grandparents explain the importance of prayer in daily life to young children, while assisting their own faith development, albeit in a subtle non-preachy way.

Christine Way Skinner is a catechist at St. John Chrysostom, a large parish in Newmarket, ON. She has a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. She and her husband, Michael, have five adopted special needs children. She is the author of Jesus Invites Me to the Feast: My First Eucharist Journal (Liguoiri, 2011) and Anointed for Mission: A Parish Confirmation Program (Toronto Archdiocese, 2006, revised 2007).

Céleste Gagnon is a full-time illustrator and designer. Over the last 15 years, Céleste has worked on many projects, including books, magazine, novel covers, merchandise and fabric design.